Monuments & Dedications

Ever since the war ended, Minnesotans, both Dakota and European Americans, have kept its memory alive. Monuments have been erected around the state to commemorate people and events associated with the war, and stories have been passed down from generation to generation. These memories affect how people think about the war and its impact on today. Think about how people use monuments to remember the past, and what the monuments can tell you about the people who built them and what they felt was important.


Monroe P. Killy at monument for the thirty-eight Sioux Indians who were hanged at Mankato.


Acton State Monument on the site of the Baker farm, where the U.S.-Dakota War began.


State Monument to Monson Lake massacre victims, Lebanon Church Cemetery, New London.


Lake Shetek monument, Lake Shetek State Park.


Milford Monument, Brown County.


Reconciliation Park under construction Mankato MN

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