Letter to Col. Sibley, Sept. 12, 1862

"Red Iron Village or Mazawakan

To Hon H. H. Sibley

We have in Mdewakanton band one hundred & fifty five prisoners. not including the Sisiton [sic] & Warpeton [sic] prisoners. then we are waiting for the Sisiton what we are going to do with the prisoners they are coming down. they are at Lake qui Parl now. the words that I have sent to the governed I want to here [sic.] from him also. and I want to know from you as a friend what way that I can make peace for my people. in regard to prisoners they fair [sic.] with our children or our self just as well as us

your truly friend
Little Crow

per Scott Campbell"

[received September 12, 1862]

*Spelling is as written in original document.

National Archives Record Group393. Western Division, Part I, Dept. of NW.3481

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