Letter to Col. Sibley, Sept. 7, 1862

"Dear Sir – For what reason we have commenced this war I will tell you. it is on account of Maj. Galbrait [sic] we made a treaty with the Government a big for what little we do get and then cant get it till our children was dieing with hunger – it is with the traders that commence Mr A[ndrew] J Myrick told the Indians that they would eat grass or their own dung. Then Mr [William] Forbes told the lower Sioux that [they] were not men [,] then [Louis] Robert he was working with his friends how to defraud us of our money, if the young braves have push the white men I have done this myself."

Translated by J. Campbell and signed by Little Crow and possibly composed in council. Spelling is as written in original document.

Quoted in "The Time to Speak is Over: The Onset of the Sioux Uprising," by Priscilla Ann Russo, Minnesota History (Fall 1976): 97-106.

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