A civil war nearly erupts between the Dakota

"At this camp it was reported to us that the so-called Medawakanton [sic] soldiers were coming to attack us, and we determined to defend ourselves. We soon saw them coming and got our guns, and then getting behind our tents selected about twenty of our men…to go and meet them and tell them that they must come no farther, but go back, and that, if they persisted in coming on, we would fire on them. So these men went to meet the Medawakantons, and forming in line waited for them to come. When they got near, Mazo-ma-ne commanded them to halt, and said to them, "If you come any nearer we will shoot. Why are you treating us this way? You have brought about the destruction of everything we had to live on. Do you also want to make captives of us? No, you can never make us your captives. Go back." So they went back, without coming any farther."

Anderson, Gary Clayton and Alan R. Woolworth, eds. Through Dakota Eyes: Narrative Accounts of the Minnesota Indian War of 1862. Saint Paul, MN: Minnesota Historical Society Press (1988), 191-192.

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