Recalls events at Camp Release

"I remained at our camp near the mouth of the Chippewa, while a great part of the Dakotas fled. When the white troops came near, I raised a white flag. Gen. Sibley came on and encamped near me, and so I shook hands with him and with all the officers. Then I said, 'I have grown up like a child of yours. With what is yours, you have caused me to grow; and now I take your hand as a child takes the hand of his father. My hand is not bad. With a clean hand I take your hand. I know whence this blessing cometh. I have regarded all white people as my friends, and from this I understand this blessing has come. This is a good work we do to-day, whereof I am glad. Yes, before the great God I am glad.' Gen. Sibley said to me, 'This is good. Henceforth I will take you into my service.' Since that I and my children have lived well. And from that time more than ever I have regarded myself as a white man, and have counseled my boys accordingly."

Anderson, Gary Clayton and Alan R. Woolworth, eds. Through Dakota Eyes: Narrative Accounts of the Minnesota Indian War of 1862. Saint Paul, MN: Minnesota Historical Society Press (1988), 256.

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