Sarah Wakefield's opinion on cause of the war

Sarah Wakefield, who was captured and spent 6 weeks in captivity, gave her opinion on the causes of the war:

"I know the Indians have butchered the whites, and I wish every guilty one punished: but I cannot blame them as many do, for I am sure they had cause, and very strong reasons for being revenged on some persons who have been living off their lands and money, while they were starving. If these Indians had commenced this outbreak out of pure wickedness, I would feel as many do – that they ought to be exterminated; but it is not so; they took the only way they knew of getting restitution and we all want that when we are wronged."

Wakefield, Sarah F. Six Weeks in the Sioux Tepees: A Narrative of Indian Captivity.Norman, OK: University of Oklahoma Press (1997), 109.

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