Martha Riggs describes her feelings on the causes of the war

Martha Riggs wrote a letter to the Cincinnati Christian Herald in which she gave her own perspective on the causes of the war.

"Letter to the Cincinnati Christian Herald, Oct. 1, 1862

It was not my intention…to enter at all into the causes of this outbreak; but what I have written will excite your indignation against all the Dakota, and I cannot bear that it should be so. It must be remembered that the church members, as a whole, have had no hand in it…. The Indians have not been without excuse for their evil deeds. Our own people have given them intoxicating drinks, taught them to swear, violated the rights of womanhood among them, robbed them of their dues, and then insulted them! What more would be necessary to cause one nation to rise against another? What more, I ask. And yet there are many who curse this people, and cry, "Exterminate the fiends." Dare we, as a nation, thus bring a curse upon ourselves and on future generations?"

Riggs, Stephen. Mary and I: Forty Years with the Sioux. Boston: Congregational Sunday School and Publishing Society (1888), 178.

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