1st Lieutenant Clark Keysor, Co. E, 9th Minnesota Volunteer Infantry

"It is very easy for a white man to fall into the habits of the Indian, but almost impossible to raise the [page break] Indian to the standard of the white man. The head chief of the Winnebagoes was well known to me and we became fast friends. He was a friendly man to all the settlers, but I knew the characteristic of the Indian well enough to trust none of them. He never overcomes the cunning and trickery in his nature and ingratiating was the time to look out for some deviltry. The Indians were great gamblers, the squaws especially. They would gamble away everything they owned, stopping only at the short cotton skirt they wore."

Morris, Lucy Leavenworth Wilder. Old Rail Fence Corners: Frontier Tales Told by Minnesota Pioneers. Saint Paul, MN: Minnesota Historical Society Press (1976), 178-179.

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