Transcript of George Glotzbach interview.

"Well I said earlier, no question but what the Indians had cause to be unhappy. We were fighting them in various places. The treaties were of questionable equality. The payments from the Federal Government were late. All that is true and we were destroying their culture and we wanted to make white men out of them and all of that. I understand that and I have empathy for that. I’m just saying the beef they had was with the Federal Government. OK, let’s go after the Federal Government and make war on the Federal Government if that’s what it takes. But the way to make war on the Federal Government is not to kill innocent people, innocent unarmed peaceable people. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. The Indians attacked Milford. Milford did not attack the Indians. The Indians attacked New Ulm. New Ulm did not attack the Indians. So from that point of view, we had every right, duty and responsibility to defend ourselves and we did. Now did that serve a peaceable end? I guess it did because we stopped shooting at each other at least at the Battle of Wounded Knee. I’m saying maybe in order for the United States to be what it is today, those wars had to occur."

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