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US Model 1841 "Mississippi" rifle

A U.S. Model 1841 "Mississippi" rifle, percussion ignition, .54 caliber, having a full walnut stock and brass mountings. The barrel is secured by two bands, the distal band supporting a sling swivel. a second swivel is attached at the trigger guard. the patch box contains an extra nipple screwed into a hole in the wood and a note reading "Disabled by bullet at Birch Coulee." Barrel and adjacent area of left side of stock, ahead of rear sight dovetail, show bullet strike. Barrel, otherwise, retains nearly all of its original browned finish and the original brass-tipped iron ramrod is present. Labels/Marks: "E. WHITNEY/US" on lockplate, ahead of hammer; "N. HAVEN/1852" at rear of lockplate; "1852" on barrel tang; "US / (illegible proof) / VP" on top of barrel at breech; "5", "L" "STEEL' and "C" on left side of barrel at breech; various assembly/inspection marks on metal parts; stock stamped with three inspector's marks.

ID Number: 3317.H463

This rifle was disabled by a bullet strike to its barrel while in use at the Battle of Birch Coulee.

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US Model 1841
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