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1862 commemorative bandana

Golden yellow bandana neckerchief with rolled serged edges stitched with a slightly darker gold thread. Design is printed on one-quarter section of the bandana and is positioned to be seen when folded diagonally and tied around the neck. Circular design includes at center a staff with fur covering with 10 eagle feathers placed on top of the center of a four winds/medicine wheel in black white red and yellow. This is encircled by 38 eagle feathers each naming one of the 38 American Indians hanged at Mankato on December 26, 1862. Printed at top of design: /REMEMBER THE 38/ Printed at bottom of design: /DECEMBER 26, 1862/.Size: 21" X 21"Association: Designed by Babe Wipple. Possibly commemorating the dedication of the limestone buffalo carving in Mankato. Gift to the donor from James Peter Razor of Black River Falls, Wisconsin.

ID Number: 2007.82.1

The bandana features a four winds design encircled by 38 eagle feathers, each naming one of the thirty-eight Dakota Indians hanged at Mankato on December 26, 1862. The bandana was designed by Clement Paul "Babe" Whipple, possibly commemorating the dedica

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1862 commemorative bandana
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