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Execution of Dakota Indians, Mankato, Minnesota

Wooden platform just to the left of center with hooded figures with ropes around their necks. The ropes are attached to a central post. A man is in a dark suit, hat, and mask stands at its base with a hatchet. A tall wooden pole with U.S. flag is at left. Rows of soldiers in blue capes and caps with bayonets over their shoulders circle around the platform. Behind them a row of mounted soldiers and a crowd behind them. A town street with commercial buildings is in the background. Hills are in the far distance. A blue sky spotted with white clouds.

ID Number: AV1988.45.426

Negative Number: 59823

On Dec. 26, 1862 the 38 Dakota men convicted and sentenced to death by the military commission were executed in Mankato, MN.

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Execution of Dakota Indians, Mankato, Minnesota
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