Fort Snelling and the Civil War

An Introductory Online Classroom

Sectional conflicts between the North and South exploded into war in the spring of 1861. Minnesota was the first state to officially promise troops to the Union army, and nearly 25,000 Minnesotans served during the conflict. The war impacted families left behind, who in many cases struggled to make ends meet in the absence of a husband, father, or brother. The war brought freedom to thousands of formerly enslaved African Americans, many of whom came to Minnesota to begin a new life. The war meant different things to different people, though it forever changed the lives of all who lived through it.

This website allows you to explore the history of the war through the experiences of different groups of Minnesotans. As you look through, think about how different groups of people can experience the same event in different ways.

The Minnesota Historical Society gratefully acknowledges David and Barbara Koch for their generous support that has made this program possible.
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