Dakota at the Fort

When the U.S.-Dakota War of 1862 broke out, troops were quickly organized and supplies at Fort Snelling then sent to fight in the conflict. In the wake of the war, approx. 1,600 Dakota non-combatants were brought to Fort Snelling and held in a wooden stockade while they awaited forced removal from Minnesota. In addition, two Dakota military leaders were executed at Fort Snelling for their participation in the war, in Nov. 1865. Click the links below and the items on the right-hand side to learn about the experience of Dakota people held at the fort.


Apistoka, at Fort Snelling prison camp.


Captured Sioux Indians in fenced enclosure on Minnesota River below Fort Snelling.


Confirmation of Sioux at Fort Snelling


Little Six and Medicine Bottle at Fort Snelling.

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