Letter from Elisabeth Dearmin to Governor Ramsey asking for assistance

Gov. Ramsey ____ Sir: — Having learned that all women and children, who are left in a helpless condition by their husbands’ or sons’ going to the war, are promised protection by the State, I make an appeal to your Excellency for my share of said protection; for my son, who was my supporter, is in the army.... I am 59 years old, and am too weak to do much work.  I am a widow.  My clothing and victuals are so poor I do not feel well.  It is getting cold.  I do not know whether your Excellency is the proper person to address my wants to, but if you are not, please write to me immediately, and tell me what is necessary.
Yours, +c., Elisabeth Dearmin. 

Source: Minnesota Historical Society collections (http://discussions.mnhs.org/collections/2011/09/letter-to-governor-ramsey-seeking-compansation-and-support-september-28-1861/)

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