Mary J. Newson remembers her childhood at Fort Snelling

The soldiers were kind to us and gave us fine sport, in winter guiding our sleds down the snow-clad steeps, and in summer helping us gather flowers and wild grapes abundant everywhere. Every morning that was pleasant we went out to dress parade, held about ten o’clock on what is now the lawn in front of the commandant’s house and the officers’ quarters, and amused ourselves naming those we knew, as the blue columns marched and countermarched to the strains of the wartime music. In the evening the lowering of the flag at the sunset gun gave us an especial thrill, markedly so when our little sister was playfully shut in the box at the foot of the flagpole.

Source: Mary J. Newson, “Memories of Fort Snelling,” Minnesota History, vol. 15, Dec. 1934, p. 398.




Sarah Stowell and older sister [Possibly, Sarah Stowell with her older sister].


Boy in military uniform.




Woman and children among corn shocks, McLeod County.


Washington School certificate

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