Eliza Winston's testimony

My name is ELIZA WINSTON, am 30 years old. I was held as the slave of Mr. Gholson of Memphis, Tennessee, having been raised my Mr. Macklemo, father in law of Mr. Gohlson. I married a free man of color who hired my time of my master, who promised me my freedom upon payment of $1,000.... I wanted my master to give me free papers so that I could go back to Memphis where I could get employment as a nurse girl, and could earn from ten to fifteen dollars a month, and could marry there as I desire to do, but I despaired of getting my freedom in this way and although I am sorry I must sacrifice so much still I feel that if I cannot have my freedom without, I am ready to make the sacrifice….

Source: Minnesota Historical Society (http://www.mnhs.org/school/online/communities/milestones/ABOdoc2T_transcript.htm)

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