Newspaper article urging support for the Sanitary Commission

The Winona Daily Republican  Dec. 2, 1861

Come all of you - wives, mothers and maidens – everyone.  Our wants are very pressing.  There is much that has to be done.  Brave men are guarding your birthright, tonight, in a distant land.   Is it not a shame we cannot save their bare, mittenless hands.  Cold winter is now upon them: the ground is frosty and white. Perchance your sons are guarding some far-away post to-night.  Lay aside your foolish tattling, your frills, your caps, and bring out all your knitting needles, and help us knit the soldiers some socks.  We have invited you all from the pulpit – we now invite you through the press.  We have plenty of work for the willing.

Source: research compiled by Patricia Root, MHS

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