Joseph Farr explains how the Underground Railroad operated in St. Paul

There was no society or anything of that kind, but we were doing whatever we could. We had a man on the river named Eugene Berry – a colored man – and he used to take care of the escaped slaves out of Galena. Our agent at Galena was a man named Johnson, and he used to get up all kinds of schemes to get the slaves away from their masters. He would disguise them as well as he could and get them aboard the Dr. Franklin, and then Berry would take charge of them and stow them away among the freight.

When the boat came into St. Paul my uncle, or one of the others I have mentioned, would be at the wharf and the fugitive would be brought to my uncle’s house, where I lived. (p. 125)

Source: Quoted in Swanson, Deborah. “Joseph Farr Remembers the Underground Railroad in St. Paul,” Minnesota History (Fall 2000), 123 – 129.

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