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Soldier's sewing kit

A "soldier's housewife" sewing kit, made of cloth (linen?) lacquered black and stenciled (or printed) in a design that includes floral and geometric elements. The design appears to be lacquer also and is in yellow-white and orange. The kit rolls closed around a cylindrical pin cusion covered at each end in floral brocade fabric. The pin cushion has a cavity containing a tinned iron thimble having a brass rim. The interior of the kit has three wool flaps holding sewing needles and two fabric patches with safety pins. Unfolded dimensions: 18.5 cm long, 12.2 cm wide. Note: Belonged to Marcus Daniels. The kit may be rolled into a cylindrical form when not in use. A thimble may be stored within the cushion. Several safety pins, needles and a thimble are included. ca. Civil War

ID Number: 75.60.8.A,B

The Sanitary Commission published patterns for sewing kits like this that wives or children could make for their family member in the military.

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Soldier's sewing kit
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