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Jack Steinbring, Research Notes, projectile point imagery at the Jeffers Petroglyph Site, 2013 (F601.5.M625 v. 72)

John Soderberg, Research Notes, three-dimensional scanning at Jeffers Petroglyphs, 2012 (F601.5.M625 v. 72)

Kevin L. Callahan, The Jeffers Petroglyphs: Native American rock art on the Midwestern Plains, c2001 (F612.C928 J422 2001)

Alan Woolworth, A blazing summer tour to the Jeffers Petroglyph Site, 1978 (F601.5 .M66 v.37:3)

Gordon A. Lothson, The Jeffers petroglyphs site: a survey and analysis of the carvings, 1976 (F612.C928 J455 1976)
Jeffers Petroglyphs walking tour: A journey through time, 1974 (F 612.C928 J456)
The Jeffers Petroglyphs Site in Cottonwood County, MN Film, 1972 (D-18)

Florence Roefer, The Jeffers Petroglyphs: a cultural-ecological study, 1973 (F612.C928 J437 1973)
The Cottonwood County Petroglyphs, 1969 (F 612 .C928 J472 1969)

Dean R. Snow, Analysis of the petroglyphs of Cottonwood County, Minnesota, 1960s (F 612. C928 J477 1960z)

Petroglyphs of southern Minnesota, 1962 (F601.5 .M625 v.24:4)

Paul W. Klammer, Jeffers Petroglyphs photograph collection, 1941 (I.382)

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