State Capitol keys

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Titles State Capitol keys
Description Sixteen keys of varying sizes bound through their handles by a loop of wire. The keys were found by a Capitol engineer in the ruins of the first state Capitol building of Minnesota, which had been built in 1853 at 10th Street and Cedar Street in Saint Paul. The building was destroyed by fire on March 1, 1881 and replaced two years later on the same site by a red-brick Victorian structure with a tower.
Quantity 16 items
Format Content Category: artifacts
Measurements 4.8 centimeters length (smallest key)
1.3 centimeters width head (smallest key)
1.9 centimeters width handle (smallest key)
15.5 centimeters length (largest key)
3.2 centimeters width head (largest key)
5 centimeters width handle (largest key)
Nomenclature key (hardware)
Subjects Found at: Saint Paul, Ramsey County, Minnesota, United States
Found at: Minnesota State Capitol (1st, 1853-1881)
Other type: Politics and government
Crime and punishment
Government & Politics. Government Agencies. Law Enforcement
Dates Discovery: Exactly 1881
Holding Type 3D Objects
Identifiers 3613.H491.1-16 (Accession Number)

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