Adirondack chair kit

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Titles Adirondack chair kit
Description Plywood crate containing wood parts needed to build an Adirondack chair and jigs/templates used to assemble the chair and to cut additional parts. Parts: A- Crate bottom with several attached jigs and templates, B- Crate lid with attached jig and template, C-D- Side rails/rear feet, E-F- Armrests, G-K- Seat slats, L-P- Backrest slats, Q- Backrest support, R-S- Seat supports, T-U- Front legs, V-W- Armrest support brackets. Created circa 1993 by the "Green Chair Project" in Minneapolis (founded in 1991 by Joel Sisson and Chris Hand).
Quantity 1 item
Format Content Category: artifacts
Measurements 48 inches height (1998.368.2.A, crate bottom)
32 inches width (1998.368.2.A, crate bottom)
16 1/2 inches depth (1998.368.2.A, crate bottom)
48 inches height (1998.368.2.A, crate lid with template)
32 inches width (1998.368.2.A, crate lid with template)
3 inches depth (1998.368.2.A, crate lid with template)
35 1/2 inches length (1998.368.2.C,D, side rails/rear feet)
7 inches width (1998.368.2.C,D, side rails/rear feet)
3/4 inch depth (1998.368.2.C,D, side rails/rear feet)
26 inches length (1998.368.2.E,F, armrests)
7 1/4 inches width (1998.368.2.E,F, armrests)
3/4 inch depth (1998.368.2.E,F, armrests)
16 inches length (1998.368.2.G-K, seat slats, each)
2 1/2 inches width (1998.368.2.G-K, seat slats, each)
3/4 inch depth (1998.368.2.G-K, seat slats, each)
32 inches length (1998.368.2.L,P, short back rest slats)
2 1/2 inches width (1998.368.2.L,P, short back rest slats)
3/4 inch depth (1998.368.2.L,P, short back rest slats)
34 inches length (1998.368.2.M,O, medium back rest slats)
2 1/2 inches width (1998.368.2.M,O, medium back rest slats)
3/4 inch depth (1998.368.2.M,O, medium back rest slats)
36 inches length (1998.368.2.N, long backrest slat)
2 1/2 inches width (1998.368.2.N, long backrest slat)
3/4 inches depth (1998.368.2.N, long backrest slat)
28 inches length (1998.368.2.Q, back support)
3 1/4 inches width (1998.368.2.Q, back support)
1 1/2 inches depth (1998.368.2.Q, back support)
20 inches length (1998.368.2.R,S, seat supports)
3 1/4 inches width (1998.368.2.R,S, seat supports)
1 1/2 inches depth (1998.368.2.R,S, seat supports)
21 inches length (1998.368.2.T,U, front legs)
3 1/4 inches width (1998.368.2.T,U, front legs)
1 1/2 inches depth (1998.368.2.T,U, front legs)
13 inches length (1998.368.2.V, armrest support)
2 1/4 inches width (1998.368.2.V, armrest support)
3/4 inch depth (1998.368.2.V, armrest support)
11 inches length (1998.368.2.W, armrest support)
2 1/4 inches width (1998.368.2.W, armrest support)
3/4 inch depth (1998.368.2.W, armrest support)
Nomenclature Adirondack chair
kit (set)
Materials wood (plant material)
Creation Made by: Green Chair Project
Made by: Sisson, Joel
Made in: Minneapolis, Hennepin County, Minnesota, United States
Subjects African Americans
Hmong Americans
Home Furnishings. Furniture. Chairs
Home Furnishings. Lawn & Garden Furnishings
Dates Creation: Not earlier than 1993 - Not later than 1994
Holding Type 3D Objects
Identifiers 1998.368.2.A-W (Accession Number)

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