Want ad for laborers in Duluth.

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Titles Want ad for laborers in Duluth. (Supplied Title)
Description Title at top, "Wanted" in 2" letters. Poster advertises for mechanics and other employees, needed in Duluth, 1869
Quantity 1 print
Format Content Category: prints
Format: poster
Colorization: black and white
Physical Support: paper
Subjects Lake Superior and Mississippi Railroad Company
Labor. Disputes. Protest and rallies.
Dates Creation: 1869
Content: 1869
Holding Type Posters
Identifiers HG3.2 a7 (Locator Number)
1632 (Negative Number)

User Comments

  • Deborah L Miller on June 24, 2013 03:39:54 PM
    Railroad researcher John Wickre suggests that another subject term be added to the cataloging for this poster if possible: Lake Superior and Mississippi Railroad.
  • Photo and Art Database Admin on July 17, 2013 07:57:22 AM
    Upon verification, subject heading was added.

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