We've taken our Charles Lindbergh House and Museum programming online! Learn about Charles Lindbergh’s life and work, and the complex legacy of this internationally-known Minnesotan with these virtual program offerings.

Featured videos

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Lindbergh 101

Get a short introduction to the vast amount of topics related to Lindbergh’s life, history, and legacy.

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The Aviator’s Wife

Learn about Anne Morrow Lindbergh’s own accomplishments as well as her life experiences married to Charles Lindbergh. 

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Lindbergh & America First

Hear about Lindbergh’s complex political and scientific work related to the America First movement, eugenics, and American isolationism in the 20th century. 

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Birds, Rather Than Airplanes

Discover how Lindbergh's life along the Mississippi River influenced his future as an environmental activist.

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Crime of the Century

Learn about the kidnapping of Charles Jr. and the subsequent investigation and trial.