On a background photo of historic Fort Snelling are inset photos of a historic plane, reenactors in uniform, and the Brooklyn Big Band

Memorial Day: "Decoration Day" in Minnesota during WWII


200 Tower Ave
Saint Paul, MN 55111
United States


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About This Event

Come out to spend Memorial Day at Historic Fort Snelling and experience how Minnesota celebrated “Decoration Day” in the 1940s during WWII. Decoration Day became commonly known as Memorial Day after WWII.

The site will host programming across the entire twenty three acres from the new prairie landscape to inside the Plank Museum and Visitor Center, and of course within the historic reconstructed Fort.

Hear the Brooklyn Big Band perform on the Klas Overlook, witness WWII era military demonstrations and ceremonies inside the historic fort, marvel at a historic plane flyover, and learn about how Fort Snelling figures prominently in Minnesota and American history.

The flyover time is estimated between 10-11 am.

Schedule of Events

  • 10:00 Open 
  • 10:15 Flag raising 
  • 10:30 Music performance 
  • 11:00 Baseball game
  • 11:30 Music performance 
  • 12:00 Decoration Day ceremony
  • 12:30 Brooklyn Big Band performance 
  • 1:00 Military demo
  • 1:30 Music performance
  • 2:00 Baseball game
  • 2:30 Brooklyn Big Band performance 
  • 3:00 Military demo
  • 3:45 Flag lowering
  • 4:00 Close


Regular site admission

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