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The largely untold story of the Ho-Chunk exile from Minnesota, in which local white residents sought to expel all Indigenous people from the region and deny Native claims to some of the richest farmland in the world.

In 1860, Eliza Winston escaped enslavement while traveling in Minnesota, where she secured her freedom through legal appeal. Her story adds powerful testimony to African American experiences and perseverance in antebellum America.

Hypothermia, lightning strikes, high winds, medical emergencies, miscalculations—the dangers are real in canoe country. Last Entry Point shares tales of tragedy and near-tragedy in the Boundary Waters while offering guidance on how to avoid worst-case scenarios.

The Great Spirit challenges all the birds to a contest, and the gift of birdsong is born! This traditional story, told in both English and Ojibwe, explains bird behavior and where humans should go to hear the prettiest of birdsongs.

The mysterious murder of a woman in a historic neighborhood is shrouded in scandal, innuendo, police neglect, and media sensationalism in Depression-era Minnesota. Join author Roger Barr as he searches for answers to this unsolved case.

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