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MNHS reference library

The following resources are available at the MNHS Gale Family Library. They are good places to begin your research on the Duluth lynchings and related topics. For further resources, search the library catalog.


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[Originally published: "They Was Just Niggers". Ontario, Calif.: Brasch and Brasch, c1979.]

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Fedo, Michael W. Duluth lynchings book files, 1978-1979. Minnesota Historical Society, St. Paul.

Duluth (Minnesota) lynchings of 1920: selected materials, 1920-1976 (bulk 1920-1925) [microform]. Saint Paul, Minn.: Minnesota Historical Society, 2001.
[The entirety of this microfilm has been scanned and is searchable on the Duluth Lynchings Online Resource website.]

National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. Subject file: Lynching: Duluth, Minn., 1920-1921 [microform]. Frederick, MD: University Publications of America, c1987.
[NAACP records relating to the Duluth lynchings]

Oral histories

The lynchings and the Black community in Duluth are discussed in several oral history interviews conducted from 1970-1975 as part of the Minnesota Black History Project.


The Minnesota Black Newspaper Index (pdf) is a guide to people and subjects — including the Duluth lynchings — covered by the state’s Black newspapers from the 1880s to 1940s.

The Duluth News Tribune Newspaper Index (pdf) is a guide to articles appearing in the Duluth News Tribune in the months after the lynchings.

The Duluth Herald Newspaper Index (pdf) is a guide to articles appearing in the Duluth Herald in the months after the lynchings.

Articles regarding the Duluth lynchings appeared in several newspapers, including:

  • The Appeal (St. Paul)
  • Duluth Herald
  • Duluth News Tribune
  • Ely Miner
  • Labor World. (Duluth)
  • Mankato Daily Free Press
  • Minneapolis Journal
  • Minneapolis Messenger
  • Minneapolis Morning Tribune
  • Minnesota Messenger (Minneapolis)
  • National Advocate (Minneapolis)
  • Northwestern Bulletin (St. Paul)
  • Saint Paul Dispatch
  • St. Cloud Daily Times
  • St. Paul Daily News
  • St. Paul Echo
  • St. Paul Pioneer Press


Use Collections Online to search and view photographs, artwork, and posters from the collections of the Minnesota Historical Society, including historical photographs of Duluth and images from the lynchings.

External web links

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Without Sanctuary

New Georgia Encyclopedia. Atlanta Race Riot of 1906.

Library Catalog, University of Illinois at Chicago. The Race Riots: Biennial Report 1918-1919.

Illinois Periodicals Online. The Springfield Race Riot of 1908.

Library of Congress, American Memory. African American Perspectives, Pamphlets from the Daniel A. P. Murray Collection 1818-1907.

University of North Carolina. Documenting the American South.

PBS. The Rise and Fall of Jim Crow.

American RadioWorks. Remembering Jim Crow.